Take You There

I just want to kiss you again
Remake lovers out of lost friends
Throw back time
When at least your heart was mine
Rediscover what we shared
I want to take you there
Smoking a cigarette out my window
Telling me I’m yours with your sexual innuendos
Trying to boss me around as I pester the shit out of you
It’s just a matter of time and you know it’s past due

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Black and Blue

Where do I start

When you willingly walked out of my heart

You left everything I ever offered on the table

I try to move on but that part of me is disabled

Now everything is black and blew

How do I ever recover from loving you


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Verona http://wp.me/sxHQ3-verona

Come on over

Come a little closer

Kiss my lips and let me kiss you back

Let’s take our history and unpack

Open the doors we closed

We both deserve so much more

Your heart shaped in a life vest

Keeping our future abreast

Let’s go the rounds

Two becoming one as we settle down

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All I Have Left Are The Stars In Our Skies

It’s another day

We lie awake in an empty grave

I can feel the past talk to me

The lasting smell of a memory

A conversation with a photograph

I tell her jokes and she laughs

She still looks at me the same

Because in my head nothing has to change

I do my best and try not to reach

I say it all as I hold my speech

I can see the stars in our skies

It’s the closest I get to looking into your eyes

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Sitting In A Cage All Alone With An Endless Supply Of Unwanted Green Beans

He’s afraid to show her he still cares
She’s afraid he’ll vanish into thin air
They have both been here before
It’s a circle without any doors
One of them will break
Promises they will make
So they agree to meet in a cafe
He practices every word he will say
Only a fool would bother to show
But if he doesn’t than he will never know
In a room full of strangers
Two lovers estranged are threatened to…

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It’s Not About Us Anymore

It’s Not About Us Anymore

I can feel us losing life
As she begs us to stop the fight
So let’s hit the breaks
Before we make another mistake
She’s covering her ears and crying so hard
And that should be enough for us both to fold our cards

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I’m Just Man In A Teddybear Costume Giving A Brown Bear A Piggyback Ride (freestyle)

I’m Just Man In A Teddybear Costume Giving A Brown Bear A Piggyback Ride (freestyle)

Often life doesn’t turn out like we plan

Just a few men with a bunch of Peter Pans

Too many girls playing games because of their mistakes

They find a good man but it’s not enough because of past heartache

We all just dick each other around

We hardly build up one another because we’re too busy putting each other down

Self-pity filled status updates crying out for attention

Click like and keep your…

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If I Only Knew

I took down your walls and let you rebuild

I took all I could and gave you something you could feel

Fragile moments I let slip through the cracks

All the quiet charades I would take back

I’d bury the love behind my pride just to be your friend

And be the one to be there with you by your side through thick and thin

I’d steal the courage behind the smile on your face

I’d love you all over again but…

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About Time

Tell me it all wasn’t a ruse and that life is just complicated

If we could go back would you try to escape it

Would you turndown my words in attempt to save your world

Even as strangers you’d still be my girl

All this time, the births and deaths can’t be erased

I stumble through the pain and my mistakes

And I don’t want to hurt anymore

But some doors weren’t made to be closed

My eyes fell upon…

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A Blurred Family Portrait

I watch her grow through pictures
Reminding me how much I miss her
I was never any good at showing her affection
I want to speak but I’m afraid of the rejection
I write a text just to hit delete
I want to try but I feel so obsolete
I keep looking and can’t believe how much she has grown
For my lack of actions I must atone
But where do I start
When she’s too far away for me to reach her heart

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Aurora Borealis

She was a reflection of the city lights

Her smile alone was inspiration for him to write

He approached her like a ghost

And ended up shipwrecked along her coast

She whispers to him as if she’s giving him CPR

He loved her so much it almost healed every scar

But the lights come and go

Now he’s stranded alone on her plateau

He searches for her through the night

He remembers that smile and continues…

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silver lining

I write till my fingers numb
I let it out and feel so dumb
The words come to me one by one
I fire them off like if I had a gun
I’m in love with you my dear
And I will be for years and years

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Truce http://wp.me/sxHQ3-truce

Soon years will go by

But the silence can never conquer you and I

And all the fears that kept us apart

Will dissipate from the emptiness left in our hearts

But the sun will rise

And maybe then we can give it another try

So with words I leave on a light

I signed the peace treaty but continue to fight

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Like It Used To Be

Like It Used To Be

There’s elegance in the seductive way you move your body

And how you make the most innocent things seem so knotty

How you raise your head up like a serpent with your hypnotic eyes and devilish grin

Ready to sink your venom deep under my skin

As your affection quickly spreads

I realize that my defenses are already dead

I forfeit to the sensations

Get lost on the exploration

As I’m overpowered by…

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If I Should Fall Asleep

If I Should Fall Asleep

I let the fire burn

As I keep taking your turn

The ice cream melts

But I don’t want anybody else

So I slave for a notion

Dedicatedly unspoken I reject any forward motion

A love insomnia

Searching for unattainable euphoria

One more drink

My love printed in ink

Suffocating in my desire

I burn along in the fire

I love you so much that it hurts

But I love you without remorse

So I refuse to close my…

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