Love the Day

I sit alone
Staring at my phone
I see your face in black and white
And all these urges I must fight
Fuck you for being so damn beautiful
I need to find a way to make all this love usable
I feel so feeble in my attempt to forget the past
I let it all go but I fall too fast
I can no longer grasp this reality
Some things are not meant to be
I try to breathe but I start to hyperventilate
I see your…

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A Messenger

It’s just a thought
What is real and what is not
Feelings go unexplained
Heartache surrounds with no blame
But still there’s love to be found
Even without tiptoeing around
Little pieces to the puzzle
It’s a picture I painted in a bubble
If I speak it’ll all come out strange
Even though we grow nothing will ever change
I see a picture and my heart melts
I fumble for words to explain what is felt

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Postcards & Polaroids

Staring through my rearview

I keep searching for you

Switching lanes

But it all stays the same

You were like my cruise control

But cruising in a stolen car took its toll

I was just a footnote on your collapsing ever after

I thought I was your leading man but I was just another supporting actor

I couldn’t fix what was broken behind that smile

Every day for you I went that extra mile

So my hands…

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Reruns of You

This love I have for you, it’s shameless

I could beat my head against a wall and it’s painless

I love you too selfishly to ever be your friend

I write you so many texts but I could never hit send

I watch you from a distance, never knowing what to say

Holding on to memories and any words you throw my way

I wish I knew how to write my way back into your heart

And I wish I knew the moment for you…

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Just Another Thought Of You…

Just Another Thought Of You…

You’re a constellation of stars

I’m a consolation in your heart

I broke your façade

You left me flawed

We always would color outside the lines

We broke all the rules and now we’re paying for all our fines

And I love you still

And always will

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Say Yes

Do you ever miss me?

Do you still dream?

I’ve spun a lot of lies in my life time

I’ve been a ghost, a romantical mime

I’ve framed misconceptions on the walls

I’ve gave nothing and claimed it was my all

But never with you

Every last nanosecond was utterly true

There are no real questions but I still hope you say yes

Just know that I will always love you and don’t ever expect nothingness

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A Poet Hiding In A Church Pew

A Poet Hiding In A Church Pew

To tell you the truth most days I don’t even know what to believe in

Because my judgment is clouded with so much fear and sin

I hear accept Jesus and be born again

Then I would alienate all my new so called friends

So I wear my faith like a sleeve

For I can cover up the fact that I believe

I walk a tightrope to disguise my convictions

I forfeit my faith to avoid frictions

Disagreement isn’t hatred

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That Bus Stop

Michael Agostino:

I absolutely love this…just saying

Originally posted on The Migraine Chronicles:

Your words are haunting
this is true

So I wonder
are you waiting on that bus
or is it waiting on you

I like to read your little mystery
the feelings you express
captivate me

Old love
new love
who’s to say

The story’s a little different each day
it doesn’t matter a bit to me
I find it all

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Another Day In The Cold Office

Another Day In The Cold Office

I long for your face

To ease the pain that time cannot erase

That smirk of yours and the marks of the sun

The curves of your body that could never be outdone

The skills you’ve perfected while learning from your mistakes

How you always give more than you’re willing to take

I long for the friend who always told me what to do

I miss everything between me and you

I can keep biting my tongue but I’ll…

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Dear Darlin’

Dear Darlin’

Dearest you,


I’ve missed you so

Was it all really that long ago

Now the only way for us to speak

Are the words I post for you to read

And everything I want to say has already been said

There’s nothing new in my heart or head

It’s you and it always will be

This love for you is an endless dream

I miss you every day and think of you often

Perhaps one day your walls will soften

And even though…

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I’m Alright In Bed But I’m Better With A Pen

I’m Alright In Bed But I’m Better With A Pen

I’ve seen the stars fall from my sky

I watched as cancer took my mother’s life

I’ve seen marriages come together and fall apart

I’ve broke many promises and little hearts

I’ve scraped my knees and had my ego deflated

I’ve had my morals debated

I have questioned my own actions

I’ve had best friends turn into fractions

I’ve walked away from God only to return

I’m thankful that not every bridged was…

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I Want To Tell You, You Were Right And Everything You Told Me Makes Sense To Me Now

I Want To Tell You, You Were Right And Everything You Told Me Makes Sense To Me Now

I made something out of nothing

You said you loved me but you were bluffing

You stole my heart when I gave you the key

You’re a scab I pick to give people something to read

I’m not really this sad or depress

I’ve adapted quite nicely with this hole in my chest

But who am I fooling

These flames for you are in no way cooling

As this love keeps going even though you don’t support it

My muse is a…

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Let The Stars Bleed

You & I lost in a moment
And your eyes being so outspoken
I could hear your heart beat for me
You were all I could see
I miss residing in your heart
Causing all those little sparks
Capturing your thoughts like fireflies
Sharing a twenty piece nugget & two medium fries
Driving around looking for a spot
The fear & excitement of getting caught
Me begging you to stay
You promising tomorrow is another…

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A Mcgriddle Sandwich And A Large Sweet Tea

A Mcgriddle Sandwich And A Large Sweet Tea

It’s just another night pulling on my heart strings

Thinking of you has become such a foolish thing

I make too many playlist for someone who doesn’t even think of me

I write too many words for a love that I never see

My heart is about to give up

My pride begs enough is enough

This summer night could not get any colder

I’m tired of pushing dreams and boulders

Say Something is playing and I wish…

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