Aurora Borealis

She was a reflection of the city lights

Her smile alone was inspiration for him to write

He approached her like a ghost

And ended up shipwrecked along her coast

She whispers to him as if she’s giving him CPR

He loved her so much it almost healed every scar

But the lights come and go

Now he’s stranded alone on her plateau

He searches for her through the night

He remembers that smile and continues…

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silver lining

I write till my fingers numb
I let it out and feel so dumb
The words come to me one by one
I fire them off like if I had a gun
I’m in love with you my dear
And I will be for years and years

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Truce http://wp.me/sxHQ3-truce

Soon years will go by

But the silence can never conquer you and I

And all the fears that kept us apart

Will dissipate from the emptiness left in our hearts

But the sun will rise

And maybe then we can give it another try

So with words I leave on a light

I signed the peace treaty but continue to fight

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Like It Used To Be

Like It Used To Be

There’s elegance in the seductive way you move your body

And how you make the most innocent things seem so knotty

How you raise your head up like a serpent with your hypnotic eyes and devilish grin

Ready to sink your venom deep under my skin

As your affection quickly spreads

I realize that my defenses are already dead

I forfeit to the sensations

Get lost on the exploration

As I’m overpowered by…

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If I Should Fall Asleep

If I Should Fall Asleep

I let the fire burn

As I keep taking your turn

The ice cream melts

But I don’t want anybody else

So I slave for a notion

Dedicatedly unspoken I reject any forward motion

A love insomnia

Searching for unattainable euphoria

One more drink

My love printed in ink

Suffocating in my desire

I burn along in the fire

I love you so much that it hurts

But I love you without remorse

So I refuse to close my…

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Stagnant http://wp.me/sxHQ3-stagnant

Love, it can grow on its own

Just because you don’t feed or water it doesn’t mean it won’t find a home

Not everything has an answer but then not everything has to be questioned

I love you but I guess that no longer needs to be mention

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Asleep http://wp.me/sxHQ3-asleep

A four post bed

A physical confinement adding to the madness in my head

It’s no wonder why I can’t sleep

Love doesn’t count sheep

The glow on my phone lights the entire room

This fucking place is slowly turning into a tomb

It’s too hot, it’s too cold

I’m stuck in this bed while sleep is on hold

I close my eyes and see your face causing my heart to ache

I love you so much that it keeps me awake

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Numb http://wp.me/sxHQ3-numb

Your future was untouchable in your version of the story

So I got comfortable being your purgatory

You were vulnerable in my arms so you ran to save your soul

I crossed every bridge and paid every toll

One minute you were here and the next you were gone

Everything else was promised away but you knew where your heart belong

Why were you afraid to love me

At first it was the guilt but now it would…

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Where Did She Go

Often I think I should disappear
But who would even care
At times it’s all too much
At moments it’s not enough
I’m such a fool
Reality can be so cruel
I can’t kill these feelings that I feel
So could my heart ever truly heal
These are just words on a page
And I’m just a boy watching an empty stage

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Such A Cruel Thing To Be In Love

I read too much into simple things
I pay too much attention to simple dreams
I wish someone would write me something beautiful
It could be about anything, as long as it was truthful
Something that only I would understand
Something that says I will always be your man
But instead
I make up my own meanings in my head
So I keep searching
And I keep reading
For what I will never find
But I’ll keep it…

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Words For A Reader All Alone

What’s there to be sorry for
You loved me and I just loved you more
No regrets, no mistakes
It is what is and I never argue with fate
There was no wrongs and no rights
Just a boy trying to keep a girl in sight
We all stumble and we all fall
And I loved you though it all

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Always Here

I read something and my heart skips a beat
How can two words read so sweet
But perhaps it’s not about me
Perhaps it was a general statement with no addressee
Think I’m digging too deep
Regardless, I love you and sleep sweet

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Can You Talk For A Minute?

Can You Talk For A Minute?

I heard a friend’s voice today

And the memories started to sway

I forgot just how much I missed her

Everything else became a blur

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Noah Wrote Letters, I Write Cheesy Poetry  

Noah Wrote Letters, I Write Cheesy Poetry  

I get it, for you it’s over

What’s in the past is in the past, it’s kosher

I don’t want to bug or invade

Consider this just another quarter for the Arcade

No more games or lullabies

I try to move forward but my hearts paralyzed

I read your words with jealousy

I remember when you gave your heart to me

But I never realized when you took it back

You can keep mine as a knickknack

I still sing about…

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And All The Roads We Have To Walk Are Winding/And All The Lights That Lead Us There Are Blinding/There Are Many Things That I Would/Like To Say To You/But I Don’t Know How

And All The Roads We Have To Walk Are Winding/And All The Lights That Lead Us There Are Blinding/There Are Many Things That I Would/Like To Say To You/But I Don’t Know How

How do I respond

When things have been this way for so long

I’ve tried to fix, I’ve tried to run

I wish things never came undone

But these are the cards we were dealt

Will we be just a notch in each other’s belt

Or can we find our way back to each other

Can better days be rediscovered

We’re more than this bad blood

Our feet got swept with this emotional flash flood

I’m scared to find us

We both…

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